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World Tour (Swindon leg) announced

True to the sprit of outrageous ambition, we are overjoyed, and slightly nervous, to announce X-sTatiC's FIRST TOUR!

The dates run as follows:

FRIDAY 19th September, Riff's Bar, near Hook, Swindon. 8pm
A special acoustic set, featuring all the XTC songs you NEVER thought you'd hear live.

SATURDAY 20th September, Victoria Inn, Swindon. 8pm
A full balls-out electric rockafest, featuring a revamped set-list - i.e. a bunch of songs we've never tried.

Ta-daaaaa! Okay, so not MUCH of a tour. Some might say, a 2-day tour of Swindon, in fact. But where better to celebrate our one year anniversary since we took this project onto the stage at the Hope and Anchor?

So - superglue the babysitter to your sofa, break out of prison, miss jury service, hijack a Great Western train, steal a car, do whatever you have to do, but don't miss this once-only event. Swindon is only an hour down the M4 from La-La-Londinium, and you could go see the Big Horse thing on Saturday to kill some time on that long and no doubt sunny Saturday afternoon between gigs.

Information on how to find the venues is on these websites: Riff's Bar and The Victoria.

Local accomodation can be sought out from these two websites:
touristnetuk and 1st-4-rooms, and in particular from here: Swandown Hotel where we understand that some XTC fans from the Idea Records forum have already booked rooms.

Details of admission, flyers and all other information will be forthcoming and we'll send out a mailshot when they're ready.

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