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Greetings from Sao Paulo

John Williams who was at The Hope & Anchor had this to say...

Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yes, I was at your debut gig last Saturday night, and I thought it was absolutely magnificent.

I was the Scottish guy who, along with my mate Adrian from Swindon (Mecca for XTC fans), spoke to Dan and Ed before the gig, and "rushed" the dressing room after the show to offer our congrats to everyone. Adrian, who hadn't heard XTC for ages was bowled over by it, which says a lot for both the quality of the songs, and the fantastic performance you put on.

Some personal highlights for me: starting with "Radios in Motion" was very apt. "Complicated Game" has never been an outstanding XTC song for me, but you guys made it an instant classic. I pointed out to Ed that he got to sing all the hits, and very well too. His bass playing was also spot on, which did disappoint me, as I did tell him that I was after the bass playing job in the band.

Adrian's drumming was spookily Terry Chambers-like. Mick, looking initially very nervous, played guitar perfectly all night, and when he started singing, both backing and lead, he seemed to really let go. Dan, as I said to him afterwards, was a brilliant frontman. Quite obvious that he has his fingers in other musical pies. Not only has he got Mr Partridge's guitar playing to a tee, he also has all the vocal delivery with it.

For me, the highlights of the set were album tracks like "Language In Our Lungs", "Complicated Game", "Radios In Motion", etc. With such an onside audience, you could do any song from the back catalogue and it would go down a storm. Congratulations on a monumental debut (I'm running out of big complementary adjectives now), and I look forward to the next gig - looks like the Hope & Anchor might be too small for you!

John Williams, 23 Sep 2002. feedback@x-static.org

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