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Souled Out

A Chalkhills regular writes...

(An extract from Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 54, 28 September 2002.)

In response to Ed's post thanking those who turned up at the Hope & Anchor for X-sTatiCs debut gig, as one of those, I'd like to return the thanks for a cracking evening's entertainment.

Being priveliged enough to know Mick from last year's UK gathering and to have met Ed at this year's one, I know that pre-gig, anticipation was mixed with anxiety. Guys, you needn't have worried.

The songs were tight, the sound was good - even from the stairs, which was as close as The Worrier Queen and I got - and, fortunately, there was a window we could look through and see the boys in action. Fine musicianship was on display, as was a veritable ocean of perspiration - and, most importantly, it looked like the band were having just as much fun as the audience . . . nay, FANS!

Most notable was the fact that, of the people who were there for the other two acts, many stayed to see X-sTatiC for a number or two - and never left.

This means that X-sTatiC are among the notable list of groups who sold out the Hope & Anchor on their debut gig. I don't think U2 have that on their resume . . . but I could be wrong, as I just made that up on the spot :-)

So, Dan, Adrian, Ed and Mick the Rick (Rickenbacker, geddit?), thanks again for the closest I've ever come to an XTC gig.

The next gig will be in the Assembly Rooms, Swindon, and will be compered by some local celebrity we can dig up for the price of a hot meal and a bed for the night. Anyone know of any celebrities based in Swindon?


"Head-spinningly brilliant" (Some bloke Queenie and I overheard leaving the gig - honest!)

David Smith, 22 Sep 2002. feedback@x-static.org

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