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London, September 2002
Where it all started - sell out at the Hope & Anchor.

Swindon, March 2003
Smalltown plays host. Riff's Bar works its magic.

London, June 2003
Things get serious at the Dublin Castle.

Swindon, September 2003
Reflections on that fabulous weekend.

London, July 2004
Back after a 9 month break.

London, July 2005
Back after a 12 month break!

October, July 2005
The final curtain

Miscellaneous articles
Everything else really...

- London, July 2004

Back At The Castle
The perspective from behind the drum kit.
Last updated 25 July 2004

Picture gallery
The Dublin Castle's 'no flash' rule is flagrantly breached by our fearless photographer...
12 July 2004

Back to the Castle
Well, we took a break, and frankly it was way too long! But we're back and we can announce the first of what we hope will be a number of gigs between now and the end of 2004...
May 2004

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