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3 March 2006

England and Swindon's finest rock band XTC, although continuing to release albums up to 2001, quit touring in 1983.

X-sTatiC were Dan Barrow, Ed Percival, Adrian Ogden and Mick Casey, and between 2002 and 2005 they attempted to put matters right by bringing back some of XTC's music to the live stage.

During that period, a community of XTC fans started to congregate on the internet in the xtcidearecords forum and, as the path of that community crossed with the path of the band, the band's gigs started to become a focal point for XTC fans to meet in real life and hear the music they loved, played in the spirit in which much of it was written.

The band came together for just 8 gigs, spread over three years, culminating in their final gig in XTC's home town of Swindon, to fans who had congregated from every corner of the planet for two days to meet, greet, sing, dance and share their love of this music.

After which X-sTatiC disbanded, believing they had acheived what they had set out to three years earlier; to put XTC's music firmly back on the live map. Oh, and to have a craic along the way.

This website tells that story.

...and in 2010 the story continues, with Ed's new band Fossil Fools

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